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Look for The Weekly on Friday morning, but to tide you over, here are some of my favorite issues.

Better than Britannica
Hey Friends, Good morning to literally everyone who is not a dictator of a country blocking access to free press. The Lorem Ipsum will always fight for freedom, as much as an email can. To that end, to ensure that the Lorem Ipsum is always the people’s email, I’
Too Soon?
Hey Friends, Good morning. Last week I took immediate action and sent you an email summarizing some of the events taking place in Ukraine. I also made jokes. The reviews were mixed. Here are some actual quotes * “Good writers take risks. You are a good writer.” * “Honestly, I think we
Doesn’t have a podcast.
Hey Friends, This week, I didn’t launch a podcast. I received zero downloads and didn’t reach any levels on exactly no charts. I announced it this earlier this week, and I made sure to make a big splash. Let’s take a look. Here’s how I broke
Nancy The Diplomask
Hey friends, Good morning to everyone except for Donald Trump’s legal team. I’ve got a lot of news for you this week, so I’m going to have to refrain from sharing the latest suburban tropes about lawncare or run-ins with HOAs. Obviously, those things are important, but we have other
How to get your $10k
And a very special master for Trump

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