Doesn't have a podcast.

This week, I didn’t launch a podcast. I received zero downloads and didn’t reach any levels on exactly no charts.

Doesn't have a podcast.

Hey Friends,

This week, I didn’t launch a podcast. I received zero downloads and didn’t reach any levels on exactly no charts.

I announced it this earlier this week, and I made sure to make a big splash.

Let’s take a look.

Here’s how I broke the news. I made a tweet so that all of my followers, and anyone on the internet doing a Google search for “podcasts” would know.

Because Twitter is fleeting, I was very intentional about making sure the word got out by tweeting a second time on the following day. If you’re taking notes, this is good marketing advice that I’m giving you right now.

Frequency is key. Write that down.

By the way, I also added it to my bio (as you can see here).

I did get some feedback from a few friends on Twitter. Much like the political analysis I’ll be doing this mid term election season, several Twitter users responded with their take, except these pundits are probably offering more insight than anything I’ll have to say.

I’m not the only one who has not launched a podcast. Actually neither has this guy who responded with the story of his own achievement.

Ultimately, not launching a podcast was something I had promised myself I would accomplish by no particular birthday. So of course, I had to not achieve this goal within this calendar week because it was indeed my birthday, (thank you) the deadline I had set to do basically nothing.

In 2020, I set out with the goal of having exactly no goals, and I must say, I have been very successful at that. I accomplished literally nothing in 2020 exactly as intended. In that same time, almost no one in the world has accomplished anything also.

There are a few exceptions like, say, Elon Musk and anyone who has bought or sold a house anywhere in the USA. Aside, almost nothing has been accomplished.

Let’s make a quick list:

  • The President
  • Congress
  • Vladamir Putin
  • All the people that are suing Donald Trump

See anyone here that has accomplished something in the last couple years? Nope.

At least, that’s what revisionist history would seem to say.

Perhaps we humans have a tendency to be just a little pessimistic when we talk about the world around us. We look at the world around us with a focus on the negative.

Do you think things in this world, and in your country are perhaps moving in the right direction, or is everything on fire? I’ll dive into to that in a minute.

But first, let’s see what happened in the headlines this week.

Here’s The News.

Hot Takes

Week 19 of 2022

The Senate has voted on an abortion rights bill, which definitely did not pass.

“I was really surprised it didn’t pass”, said no one ever.

Much like you see in this Facebook conversation last week, we’re divided on this topic, but we all seem to agree that the new Batman movie was too long, so we’ll always have that. We don’t however agree on when a bat becomes a man.

What did pass the day before is a 40 billion package to help abort the Russian war in Ukraine. It passed the house with large bipartisan support. This is an abortion most Americans favor, but the swift passage could face challenges with getting things done quickly if Rand Paul has anything to say about it.

Trump’s contempt has been dropped, at least for the moment, but only if he pays his fines and explains how he uses Post-it notes.

Some of Trump’s aids explained that for Trump, Post-it notes are the closest thing to Twitter once he was kicked off the platform, so it scratches an itch.

Related, Elon Musk, who is set to buy Twitter, said he would end Trump’s lifelong ban from the platform. Trump has already said he won’t be coming back. He’ll be sticking to Post-it notes and his not so sticky Truth Social.

They say Evansville Indiana is a great place to escape to, and that proved to be the case for prison escapee Casey White and his prison security guard lover Vicky White who fled an Alabama prison where Vicky worked (they weren’t related, but they did consider that a sign). The two ended up in a police chase that ended on Monday, with Vicky White ending her life with a self inflicted gunshot wound.

No word on if the Evansville Convention & Visitors Bureau will be working the great escape into their marketing campaigns.

Putin Celebrated Victory Day this week, marking the day Russia defeated the German Nazis. As a part of the celebration, the authoritarian leader has been conducting a celebratory invasion of a neighboring country, and killing people of different ethnic groups indiscriminately.

As part of the celebration, to mirror Hitler, he is losing the Special Military Operation.

Yesterday, Finland announced its intention to join NATO, the opposite of what Putin was hoping for.

Moscow said it will take “retaliatory steps” in response. Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin says to Russia (and this is not a joke) “Look in the mirror”.

Finland’s eastern border represents the longest border along the western side of Russia, AKA the “Finnish Line”.

A couple quick interesting stories:

  • Grass is Illegal. It’s awesome lawn season, except in Las Vegas where a plush lawn has been outlawed.
  • James Cromwell superglued his hand to a counter at a Starbucks, to protest their extra charge for plant based milk. A spokesperson for the Coffee Chain said “Pricing varies market by market.”
  • We finally got a picture of the blackhole at the center of the Milky Way, and as expected, it looks like a donut.

That’s it for the news. Here’s The Gist.

For Better or Worse?

The Gist

After a quick search through LinkedIn, and a cross check on Facebook, I’ve confirmed that I know exactly ten Debbies. I wouldn’t say that I’m a Debbie expert but I believe I can tell you from experience that these Debbies that I know are among the best Debbies the world has to offer.But not all Debbie’s are made equal, and that’s why I want to ask some of you this question:Why are some of you being such Debbie Downers?

Looking up

We tend to be pessimistic when we talk about the world around us, but the stats seem to say things are looking up. Here’s a run down… The last one really pulls them all together.

Read The Article


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