The Lorem Ipsum is an independent opinion news magazine in the United States. It's written and illustrated by Daniel Herndon, a marketing executive and writer with a penchant for tongue-in-cheek political journalism.

Thousands of people from all over the world read his work each week.

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The Mission of The Lorem Ipsum is to make people laugh while making them think. Expect an entertaining look at current events and everyday issues, along with informative resources.

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Daniel Herndon covers politics, social issues, and the debate about whether you should wash your jeans (the answer is mostly no). The Weekly is published each Friday morning and brings you a recap of the week's top news. Long-form articles dive into the issues and are usually published on the other side of the week.

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Since 2008, Daniel has claimed he would one day run for President. However, his prospects are already ruined due to the content on his Twitter account. His profession has long been in the marketing and advertising industry. As a part of the Indianapolis marketing agency, Matchbook, he consults clients on brand strategy, marketing, and strategic messaging.

As an opinionated writer, his motto is "How can you be canceled if you've never been scheduled?" You can sign up to receive The Weekly and more right here.


Although some of these Q's are indeed FA'ed, others have been A'd only once or twice. This should be a helpful resource for investigative reporters and also common folk trying to understand more about Daniel Herndon and The Lorem Ipsum.

What does the name "The Lorem Ipsum" mean?

The short answer is "nothing."

Lorem ipsum is the text used in the publishing and graphic design industry as a placeholder while you are working on laying out your design. Since I come from the marketing and design business, it's a play on words meant to convey a sense of irony about the content. It's not as clever or funny if you have to explain it.

Ever written any books?

Well yes.

I wrote Facebook All In One For Dummies on Wiley Publishing in 2012, and currently, my manuscript for a book Made From Leftovers is being shopped, passively, for representation.

Can I get your content delivered directly to my email?


If you haven't figured it out already, I send a weekly issue that includes a quick recap of the news and a little bit of sarcasm. Click here to see past issues, or sign up here. You can also sign up to receive all articles when they are posted.

Why did you start a Newsletter? People don't use email! 

Actually, they do.

My email newsletter has thousands of subscribers, and a large chunk of them end up reading the email.

The Lorem Ipsum is for the people. I wanted to create a direct connection with my readers for those who wish to keep up with my content on their own terms. If you prefer to find your content through algorithms, that option is there for you. I'll be right here.

Should I share your stuff online? 

Yes, of course! Why would you even feel the need to ask? Also, feel free to tag me. I usually go by the handle @danielherndon on internet social media sites.

Which way do you lean Politically? 

Neither. I don't believe that "left" and "right" are accurate ways of describing people's views. As for me, most people tend to think I lean a certain way based on how they feel about what I write or say, but I assure you they're wrong.

I believe that ideas should be evaluated on their merit, and good ideas are good regardless of the source. Crimes are criminal regardless of the President that committed them, and voting is a right for everyone, regardless of how they lean. And if they're leaning because of a physical limitation, they should've been able to vote remotely in the same way that they can do their banking, taxes, and many BMV transactions.

Do you do speaking engagements, and what do you charge? 

Yes, I do, and as much as possible. I have a few questions, though.

Where are you? What is the event about? How much money do you have in the speaker budget, and how much do you want to have leftover after you pay me? What really cool city is your event in? Do I have friends that live there I've wanted to get together with?

Maybe we should just talk about it.

How is it that you have grown kids? How old are you? 

It's usually considered rude to ask someone their age but let's just say life has been good to me.