How to Get a Better President

And how to find the right balance when sending emails.

How to Get a Better President

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What Happened This Week?

This week, our President stood before us at his executive podium to provide us with very important presidential talking points. A QUOTUS, if you will.  

As you know, one of the key roles of the POTUS is to set the tone for the nation, and our public discourse. President Joe Biden has clearly done that. His message to the American People was concise and clear, and I wanted to share it right here.

"End of Quote." - Joe Biden

Thank you, Mister President. You can find a larger version of his speech here.

Let's get to the rest of The News.

Hot Takes

Week 28 of 2022

  • Shinzo Abe was assassinated in one of the only countries where gun laws actually work. The former Prime Minister of Japan was shot by Tetsuya Yamagami with a homemade plastic gun. Yamagami thought Abe was part of a "certain group" which he held a grudge against. In backlash, plastic gun advocates have drawn criticism from their opponents who are calling for a ban on petrochemical-derived materials.
  • Inflation continues to climb, with the latest report coming in at 9.1% year over year. This is affecting almost all sub shops, who are saying that if you buy 10 subs, you actually get another sub at full price if you bring your completed punch card.
  • State abortion restrictions are being passed, and it is a race to the bottom, not only of uteruses but also of policy-making, with laws that in many cases are oppressive but likely not effective. You can see the latest results of abortion bans on the Netflix show Handmaid's Tale.
  • The January 6 Commission has completed another hearing, featuring Trump's attorney, and is scheduled to interview Steve Bannon as well. Now having aired seven hearings with some of the most damming evidence against Trump and his administration, Republicans are beginning to question Hunter Biden's laptop and Hillary Clinton's emails.
  • Most people want a different president. With 64% of Democratic voters saying they want someone besides President Biden to run for president in 2024 assuming he can complete a sentence at that time. A recent poll shows Biden has only a marginal lead in a hypothetical match against Trump. Political analysts are expecting the competition between the two of them, should it take place, to be similar to the battle between Superman and Zod in the 1980 version of Superman, a movie that came out when Biden was 38.
  • Elon Musk doesn't want to buy Twitter anymore. Since backing out, Twitter has sued Musk, to hold him to the deal, or otherwise a $1 billion breakup fee. Musk claims the site has a spam bot problem, a problem so big, that it eclipses the difficulty of putting humans on Mars.
  • Speaking of Space, we've just received new images of deep space from the innovative Webb Telescope, which uses infrared technology. The problem is that they're already dated since it took 13.8 billion years for the light from distant galaxies to even make it to us, so scientists' moms hope to get updated pictures soon.

And that is it for the news this week. Now for The Gist.

This week's article dives into the topic of complex issues, specifically gun violence.

Arming America

The Gist

When it comes to gun safety or the lack thereof, we are all but at an impasse in the United States. We have a tough choice. Do we outlaw guns entirely or do we pass them out in schools? Sure, nothing stops a bad 18-year-old with a gun like a good 4th grader with a gun, but in practice, American gun violence is more complicated.

Everything is Math

When it comes down to it, I think we're dealing with a mathematical problem, but we tend to talk about it like a binary issue. The power of rhetoric may be more powerful than reason, but gun violence like almost all problems is a mathematical one and will require a more nuanced approach.

Can high school math help us solve this problem? Read The Article.

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