Arming America (With Information)

When it comes to gun laws, the power of rhetoric tends to be more powerful than reason, but gun violence like almost all problems is a mathematical one and will require a more nuanced approach. Here's how the liberal position has got it all wrong.

Arming America (With Information)

As an engaged citizen, I've had several conversations regarding gun control, and if you're anything other than a sheltered homeschooler, you probably have too. The latest run of mass shootings and the gun safety bill that Congress recently passed have made the American Pastime of gun violence the topic of conversation once again.

As much as I relish the depth of conversation one may have with a shrewdness of apes; generally, I find myself with common Americans. As usual, I take a both-side-ism approach where my answer to almost any policy question is, "Well it depends." This makes it hard to win an argument, although I'm up for the challenge. More importantly, it makes it impossible to lose one – because everything always depends.

At least half of these conversations have been heated. I just mean because I'm having these conversations with myself in a hot shower as well, a perfect place to work out all of life's kinks. Suffice it to say, I've been thinking about this a lot, and I agree that we have a problem, but we haven't quite managed to get much in the way of a leading solution. At least not one that will have much impact, given that we're too busy complaining about inflation to being bothered with reducing human suffering or deaths. And why would you, if that means giving up your guns? Without an armed public, you run the risk of the government deciding to declare martial law so they can take away all of our rights while preventing us from hunting for wild bore with your machine gun. (Or, for some people, hunting for Mike Pence if in season).

When it comes to gun safety or the lack thereof, we are all but at an impasse in the United States. We have a tough choice. Do we outlaw guns entirely or do we pass them out in schools?