A State That Works

Hey Indiana, you can do better.

A State That Works

Good morning friends,

Indiana is doing great this week...

At getting in the news, that is. The Lorem Ipsum's home state was able to make top headlines for two really big stories in the same week. One for a mass shooting in a mall in Greenwood, an Indianapolis suburb. The other is for our beloved State Attorney General who misrepresented facts and put lives in danger in exchange for a spot Fox News.

Indiana can sometimes be like that kid that is looking for his moment in the spotlight in school, but instead of a winning touchdown, he trips on the field and his pants rip down the seam.

Ripped pants are not a good look.

Let's get to The News.

Hot Takes

Week 29 of 2022

  • A Shooting in Greenwood, IN was ended by a 22-year-old bystander who was packing a Constitutional Carry. Out of over 356 recorded mass shootings in the USA, this one went well, not counting the first 15 seconds which resulted in three deaths and two injuries. Elisjsha Dicken, the bystander who killed the shooter is being lauded as a "Good Samaritan" not necessarily because he nursed a dying man back to life, but rather the opposite.
    Last week, I published a long article diving into gun regulations (among others). It's about the need to recognize the constant factor within a problem (America's love for guns) and look at the problem using mathematical thinking.
  • Rokita is in the news. And I should say, "First of all, congrats" because that was his goal all along, regardless of what his job title says. By the way, Todd, the form you were wondering about? It's right here. If The Lorem Ipsum can find it, you probably can too. Here's my article for this week which is about this story.
  • Keeping it Positive. President Joe Biden was positive for Covid-19 Thursday morning which is actually negative. ┬áJovid if you will. The President has mild symptoms and we're pretty sure he got it from Mohammed bin Salman despite offering a fist bump (ahem... not socially distanced enough).
  • It's Getting Hot in Here. Nelly would suggest you take off all your clothes in Europe this week, due to unusual temperatures the region is not prepared for. The result is a combination of forest fires that are out of control and fewer croissants and baklava because the oven just heats up the house too much.
  • The House passed a bill recognizing same-sex marriage with 47 republicans joining democrats. Some think the bill should've been sponsored by one Democrat and one Republican, but others say it could be two Democrats because when it comes to bills in congress, you love who you love.
  • Also, Pills and Rubbers. The House passed another bill ensuring a right to contraception which passed along party lines. The Senate Republicans are trying the rhythm method to avoid getting forced to deal with this bill because they're just not ready yet, but if it doesn't work, they will probably still abort it.

That's it for the news. Now here's The Gist.

Eyes on Indiana

The Gist

Since the Dobbs ruling resulted in the overturning of Roe, it seems every red state has started the process of making its redness as apparent as possible. They've gone from bright tomato red to a deep artificially flavored cherry candy. Tod Rokita is one of the latest of them.

He's Protecting The People

If by protecting, you mean putting lives in danger, Rokita is definitely succeeding.

I'll explain here: Read The Article.

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