Eyes on Pro-Life Indiana.

After a viral story, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita is engaging in political theatre to smear and intimidate a doctor for providing a legal and life saving abortion for a 10-year-old rape victim.

Eyes on Pro-Life Indiana.

Since the Dobbs ruling resulted in the overturning of Roe, it seems every red state has started the process of making its redness as apparent as possible. They've gone from bright tomato red to a deep artificially flavored cherry candy. Every legislator walking out of the statehouse has that candy red tongue from sucking on the sweets of their ilk, mostly to get a taste of the spotlight.

In an effort to protect life, Indiana Attorney General, Todd Rokita has decided to engage in a little political suckling himself, under the facade of watching out for the public.

It's been reported that a 10-year-old victim of sexual assault became pregnant and traveled to Indiana to receive medical care – an Indiana physician performed an abortion.

After the story went viral, Rokita had to get his candied nuts into the mix (I'm picturing the red pistachios, but it's just a metaphor so give me some slack). He decided he didn't like Indiana being presented as a haven for the abortion seekers coming from Ohio, which has already achieved much redder abortion and other uterus-related laws.

So he's decided to put a doctor's job and life at risk (despite proof to the contrary of what he is accusing her of). He's also perhaps putting the 10-year-old assault victim life at risk, who rightfully has not been identified. Without question, he's putting future children at risk for what amounts to emergency surgery for a life-threatening circumstance.

His reason? To provide legal protections to the people of Indiana.

Rokita, a pro-life politician, does not favor life. He favors political points. He favors ideology at the cost of lives.

He's not alone. The Indiana Legislature has scheduled a special session where the GOP is poised to consider acting to ban abortions. It remains to be seen how far they will stoop – I mean go – with their legislation. Seeing how rosy red Indiana's political cheeks have been since the supreme court provided an opening to restrict access to abortion, it would be reasonable to expect some kind of legislation to be passed.

In the meantime, Rokita plans to persecute doctors by smearing them in the media, to intimidate them into ending their practice, despite the lives of victims such as this 10-year-old girl whose life is at risk because she is not equipped to deliver a child at such an undeveloped physical age.

It would be easier to be sympathetic to a so-called "pro-life" stance if it held up to scrutiny but in this case, it looks more like a vendetta, at the cost of lives.


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