Ted Lasso, Captain Kirk + Do you want hotter takes?

Ted Lasso, Captain Kirk + Do you want hotter takes?

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Season two of Ted Lasso is over and summer is coming to a close, but The Lorem Ipsum weekly has no end in sight. No matter how backed up our national supply chain may be, this weekly respite from traditional news is in no short supply.

Welcome to the 8th issue of the Lorem Ipsum Weekly.

Over the next few weeks, expect more of the news to be interrupted by holiday feel-good stories, jokes about bloated commercialism, and some congressional tension regarding fiscal cliffs to offset the Holiday Spirit.

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Now, here’s the news.

Here’s the week’s most important news. I’ll link you to “accurate” info from actual journalists.

  • The Final-ish Frontier. Bill Shatner (Can I call you Bill?) has Boldly Gone somewhere no one other than billionaires and their friends have gone before. He flew up into space on a Blue Origin flight, lasting a total of 11 minutes, which is considered sufficient time for Captain Kirk to find someone to womanize. (here’s an article and a video of the flight can be found here).
  • Okay, Boosters. The very popular Covid booster shot is making Covid vaccination even less popular among the vaccine uninterested. 71% said this tells them the vaccine obviously doesn’t work. The survey did not ask questions regarding ivermectin. (more)
  • Sinking cities. If you thought production costs for the climate change dystopia movie Waterworld were expensive, wait until you see how much these cities will have to spend to combat rising sea levels. A Climate Central report shows images of what cities may be facing if we don’t make changes. I discuss rising sea levels in an article this week as well. Regarding the report, here’s more.
  • The Trump Card. Ex-President Donald Trump has urged Republicans not to vote, which is not actually a valid form of democracy. (more)
  • Americans are Quitting. A record number of Americans are telling their bosses they can take this job and shove it. Labor experts explain by saying it's complicated which is helpful. (more)
  • And the Supply Chain. As an ironic follow-up, President Biden is taking a stab at fixing our supply chain issues by asking the major shipping ports to work more hours. IMPORTANTVILLE’s Adam Wren has a solution as well.
  • Hello? Everyone is making fun of Adele from the other side of her very awkward Instagram Live. After briefly streaming a snippet of a new song soon to be released, she responded with confusion to strange fan questions like what her “body count” is. The PR ridicule is well on its way to pushing the new album to gold status. (more)

That’s it for the news. Here’s The Gist.

Hey Nelly, it's getting hot in here.

The Gist

Nelly said it best. Temps have been rising dramatically since we started tracking it, and it will eventually lead to a massive extinction event. Specifically of climate change deniers, because it was so much easier to deny global warming in the 90s than it is today, now that people who were born in the 90s can vote and drink.

About 70% of Americans acknowledge climate change and think the Feds should do something about it. Boomers are the group with the highest percentage of deniers, while Millennials are getting louder on the topic due to the aforementioned voting (and probably the drinking too).

Too rich for our blood.

Just yesterday, President Biden announced plans to develop wind energy. This and other climate change proposals ask for a lot of federal budgets.

Because we are living in a material world and climate change is a… very expensive problem to solve. Most budgets get shot down because “our kids will be paying for it for generations.”

But the costs of climate-related disasters cost us billions every year and the costs keep going up, as the temperatures rise.

So we’re already paying for it now. If we don’t act now on climate change, we’ll go broke.

I explain more here.

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