But of Course, You Should

All I can think about is whether anything I say will matter between now and the moment that you walk up to a voting booth.

But of Course, You Should

I've attempted to write something of use for you for the better part of an hour, but I've frequently hit a wall. All I can think about is whether anything I say will matter between now and the moment that you walk up to a voting booth and express yourself by filling in small ovals with a short, blunt pencil.

I'd rather not tell you who to vote for, but just know that this decision is more important than whether you decide to remain a member of Twitter, or whether or not your friend on a Catalina dressing bender needs an intervention. This choice is a domino that will tip many others depending on which one you tick.

If you've ever had a hangover and morning-after regret at the same time, then you were probably one of the people who voted in the 2020 election. When 63% of us turned out on foot and by mail, it was considered a record. Maybe because we all could feel how much it mattered. Maybe because we made voting possible for those who hadn't been able to before. The good news is you can expect another dose of it tomorrow, but Democracy is so fragile that you can literally vote away your own choice. In Iran, Women are fighting for the right to choose their own clothing. In Ukraine, men are choosing to lay down their own lives to continue to have a choice. In China, your choice is already made for you.

But you. In the USA. You still have the right to choose. You have the right to have a say in your own Government – and to have a say in whether you will have a say ever again.

Make the choice, and then tell someone else they should too.

For those of you in Pennsylvania, put on your hoodies and go to the polls. For those of you in Arizona, maybe you've already voted, go ahead and vote again. For you in Georgia, I need you to find 11,780 more votes, but this time let's find them before the election. For the men in the back, you've been voting since the 1800s, let's keep the tradition alive and invite our friends this time. For you ladies, this is one of the few choices you still have, and it's your choice and yours alone.

We've got work to do, and it's going to take all of us. Let's get out there and let's vote. Please share with a friend.

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