Yes, you are wrong.

Yes, you are wrong.

Hey Friends,

Happy tax day, and welcome to another The Lorem Ipsum, which charges you no dollars and no cents of your income.

You know, every single day this week, I thought it was a different day. Sometimes it was the day I wished it was, instead of the day I thought it was. Other times it was the other way around.

Is it tomorrow?

Is it today?

The only reason I know what day today is, is because, as ever, The Lorem Ipsum is right on time.

Anyway, It’s sort of like when you forget someone’s name. I usually just call them ‘hey!’ or I find clever ways to avoid saying their name altogether for fear of calling them “Amanda” when I should know their name is Meghan or something like that.

Do you ever worry about being wrong?

I’ll get to that in a moment, but first, let’s look at The News.

Hot Takes

Week 15 of 2022

Boris is getting a bill. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is getting fined for his garden parties that broke covid lock down rules. Boris now makes the first Prime Minister to break the law while wearing the hairdo of a 10-year-old boy, and the first in a long time with any hairdo.

Actor and comedian Gilbert Gottfried passed away on Tuesday after battling a long illness. While he wanted to be known for the role he played in Hollywood Squares, he’s better remembered as the voice of Lago in the cartoon Aladdin. Perhaps the only thing more memorable than his exaggerated voice is not at all the name of the disease he died from. His cause of death was Recurrent Ventricular Tachycardia due to Myotonic Dystrophy type II (a.k.a. human body failure).

Safer Than a Sub-Way. A Shooting took place on board a subway train in New York City, injuring 23 passengers, some by gunshot, and none deadly. It was perpetrated by a man wearing a gas mask and workers vest. It was, for this reason, investigators suspected the perpetrator had some sort of job. After he opened a canister filling the subway with smoke he fired several rounds. A 62 years old man with bad aim is the prime suspect and has been arrested. To comfort Subway Passengers, experts offer updating a mathematical equation to explain how unlikely you are to be one of the people to be shot. Calculations find that riding the NYC subway is still safer than eating a Sub-Way sandwich.

Lots of states are not saying gay right now. After Florida passed the restrictive bill that was likely written in the 80s, more than a dozen states followed. The bill restricts classroom instruction about sexual identity, a form of curriculum that doesn’t exist. Some of the same states have also endeavored to ban other topics such as Critical Race Theory. In an effort to ban other topics not taught in schools, some have suggested banning teaching about clowns, Area 52 and how to fill out any government form.

Spears is ‘Xpecting. A baby that is. The former pop singer is procreating some more, and is showing off her baby bump. On a lighter note, she is no longer locked in the conservatorship that had her subject to abusive control by her father for several years.

So that will conclude this week’s news. Here’s The Gist.

How to Not Be Wrong

The Gist

If I had a dollar for every word I wrote each week, I’d have a living wage, a decent retirement plan, and most likely, a little bit left in the budget to go out to eat. As a writer thrusting content onto the internet, rife with opinions, advice and try-hard punchlines, the most challenging part of the job is not editing or proofreading (although I do have a verry good editor).

No. The hardest part of the job is being right. All the time.

Change The Conversation

What I’m hoping to provide here in this article is a poor man’s approach to not being wrong so that this is something that we can all apply at some point.

Don Draper of Mad Men said “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.” Advice that is considered brilliant in the advertising industry, and considered a Monday in politics.

But when is changing the conversation a problem? Read The Article

All the best to you this week! Have a great weekend!