Would you rather fund the roads or get hit by a bus?

Would you rather fund the roads or get hit by a bus?

Hey Friends,

Good morning. I had a good week on Twitter talking about driving gloves.

What do you think? My hands were warm and my grip was secure.

Anyway - New Subject:

I always want to make it clear that I am not in the political party you think I am. My political pronouns are they and them.

Of course, I didn’t do a very good job dispelling doubt in this week’s article, but… oh well. Cancel me, I guess.

But first, take a look at The News.

Hot Takes

Week 46 of 2021

Bad news: Malcolm X has been murdered. However, that was like 56 years ago. The good news: the guys who were falsely convicted of his murder were exonerated, even though they served decades in prison.

Remember the beastly QAnon guy? I’m talking about Jacob Chansley, who terrorized the Capital along with a bunch of other Patriots. The guy with the moose lodge hat is going to jail for 41 months now. Fortunately for him, he was able to plea bargain to get organic foods during his stay.

Apple will start letting you fix your own phone now. Similarly, Mcdonald's lets you do your own customer service, and based on my rare McD’s experience earlier this week, it sucks. Apple’s results may vary.

Oh and this just in. The new Apple M1 chips do not have built-in support for 2 external monitors if they are not $5,000 Apple monitors. Not bitter.

Washington D.C.yberbully. Looks like threatening a congressperson’s life with a cartoon has consequences. GOP Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona is being censured which means he is kicked off of some committees. Paul still denies his anime threat was something to be criticized, so he decided to share the video again just a few minutes after the vote to censure him.

No Juice for You. The Catholic church has been the communion nazi as of late when it comes to President Biden taking the sacraments. Since being denied in South Carolina, some bishops voted on what to do from now on. My recommendation to Joe is just do what we all do – don’t ask don’t tell.

Record Highs. No pun intended of course, but last year, drug overdoses were higher than ever. This shows us more about the true impact of the pandemic including the role poverty and joblessness can play in public health issues. It also illustrates the difficult job public health officials have in a society that sometimes values liberty over life.

Lastly. We’re waiting on a verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. The jury has been deliberating for 3 days, and I think his ugly cry worked.

Welp. (slaps knees)

That’s it for the news! Here’s The Gist!

A Win For Conservatives

The Gist

Sometimes policies are more liberal or more conservative. Think “Lefty-Loosie, Righty-Tighty”.

Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill has received some support from Republicans, but more were against it. Is it too loose?

Personally, I don’t consider myself particularly conservative or liberal, regardless of where you peg me. To me, today’s conservatism (as we see in the public discourse) seems laughable & not very conservative. Just take a look at the background of this bill.

Some Would Rather Lose Than Be Wrong

In the case of the Infrastructure Bill, here’s why I think Republicans should be celebrating if it weren’t about winning elections. I go into more in the article of the week, which you can read here.

What do you think?

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