Why can't Big Bird be our friend anymore?

Why can't Big Bird be our friend anymore?

Boys and girls, have you been seeing Big Bird in the news lately? Big Bird recently shared on Twitter that he had gotten the Covid 19 vaccine.

Since then, some media outlets, and at least one vaccinated politician responded, saying bad things about Big Bird’s positive message. They’re saying that our neighborhood friend has become a puppet of the Government (he also is an actual puppet). They say that his tweet is “government propaganda for your five year old”. It was our very trustworthy Senator Ted Cruz who said the following when he responded to Big Bird.

Since the internet has taken interest in his response, Senator Cruz has made it a point to stoke the fire and soak in the attention. Thank you “Ted Cruz for Texas” for pointing out the ways we are being controlled by the Government through an educational kid’s show. The forever six year old enormous bird is now being accused of being more similar to a puppet messenger of a Nazi regime rather than an actual puppet who is promoting family and educational values.

Kids, you’ve trusted Big Bird for years to teach you your ABCs and to share positive morals. Even when you may have thought he was a female character as a kid, you considered him a kind and honest character. Big Bird was someone you looked up to, both because of his height and his positive educational messages. But now that Big Bird has tweeted about being vaccinated, we’re alerted to a new message.

Big Bird is a communist.

Can you say communist? Big Bird is being accused of trying to poison your mind at a young age. We’re being told that he wants to convince you to do things you never thought you would do. Like getting a vaccination against coronavirus.

To be honest, we’ve known this about Big Bird for a long time because Big Bird has been sharing messaging around Government initiatives since the Nixon administration when he was promoting measles vaccinations. Just look at this "propaganda" from 1972.

Sesame Street has taught kids about real life before. Including helping kids understand death, racism and the events of 9/11, as well as the vaccine initiative I shared with you a moment ago. They have a history of bringing prominent, important and unavoidable issues to our children, at their level, removing fear and introducing comfort.

When the internet took interest in his response, Senator Cruz has made it a point to stoke the fire and soak in the attention. Thank you “Ted Cruz for Texas” for pointing out the ways we are being controlled by the Government through an educational kid’s show.

Who’s the Big Bird for adults?

Us grownups have a Big Bird of sorts too. His name is Dr. Anthony Fauci. His title is “Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States.”. Is that a big title? I think it is. His job has a bigger name than “Big” himself.

Some people think that Dr. Fauci is not a safe person. The medical watchdog, Senator Rand Paul has made this very clear for us. Senator Paul says that Dr. Fauci should claim responsibility for the 2020 Pandemic, suggesting he is experimenting with the lives of our citizens. Senator Paul has shared this on his highly trusted site “Rand Paul For Senate” where it says “Fire Fauci” featuring the doctor's picture prominently. Senator Paul was very mean to Dr. Fauci, and he said that he should have to leave his job. This is where he makes money to pay his bills, just like your Daddy or Mommy might go to a job to make money to buy food and clothes for you.

It used to be that doctors were the people we would go to for the best available medical advice there is. We would trust medical scientists to provide the things that medical science has learned through research. Research is just like when you do homework. When you spend a lot of time on something, you get a lot better at it. That means that you can get good grades and sometimes you know the answers to tough questions people ask.

Perhaps it’s not safe to trust Big Bird, and it’s not safe to trust the scores of scientists, researchers and immunologists. Unfortunately, in today’s world, some politicians have made it their job to discredit the experts, and tell you to trust them instead. Why would you trust the most qualified people in the world when you can trust a Senator who is always campaigning for his reelection?

For our children, we were able to trust Big Bird and the rest of the Sesame Street cast to help them process every day ideas, and process them at their level. Not to manipulate them. To help them. To remove fear, and bring comfort with the things which can sometimes be hard for us.

In the past, information provided by an expert was called “information”. Now it is called “propaganda”. Thank goodness we have the campaigning of Ted Cruz for Texas and Rand Paul for Senate to protect us from the experts.

If Mommy or Daddy are not there to help you, who would you trust to give you important medical advice?