Which is Better? Cats or Dogs?

Which is Better? Cats or Dogs?

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Veep Kamala Harris uses wired headphones. This means mostly nothing of course, but that didn’t stop her from making headlines for it this week.

Personally, I now list my age as “unable to hold a phone to my ear”. But unlike Kamala, I am neither paranoid about Bluetooth, nor am I a vice president of a country.

Of course, that’s not the biggest news this week, but her judgment of Bluetooth technology as un-secure reminds me how often we jump to conclusions, ignoring the data right in front of us.

I’ll dive into that topic in a minute.

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We’re running out of weeks this year, but I won’t leave you uninformed, nor will I refrain from expressing opinions backed by doing my own research. My opinion about cats and dogs is coming up.

But first, The News.

Hot Takes

Week 49 of 2021

Hey Biden, U & Putin texting? Actually after calling because it was “too much to type” they spent like 2 hours on the phone chatting. President Biden told Russia’s President Vladimir Putin that he better not invade Ukraine or the USA might unfollow Russia and stop buying their Svedka.

Russia and Ukraine have been at odds since they broke up in 1991. Putin is currently trolling them by positioning troops at their border.

It sucks to be a Cuomo right now. Specifically a Chris Cuomo who got fired this past weekend from CNN shortly after being suspended, and then accused of sexual assault. Chris suggested that CNN pay the remaining $18 million of his contract. Execs at CNN said ‘nah, we’re good’.

Since then, his publisher has canceled his book deal.

The Crummy Crumbley’s defense is crumbling. The mounting material evidence including social media posts, texts, and more confirms that they are not very good at being criminals. Ethan Crumbly’s parents bought him a handgun, and posted about it. Ethan brought it to school and shot people, killing four and injuring several. His parents are now facing criminal charges in addition to his.

In other news, the NRA says our gun rights are under attack, and House Reps. Boebert and Massie are tweeting pictures of them and their kids with assault rifles in front of their Christmas trees.

Meet The Duggars in Prison. Josh Duggar has been found guilty of child pornography. Despite investigators saying “this is the worse we’ve seen.” Josh said “It wasn’t me”, and will be singing that tune for up to 20 years in prison.

Keeping War Funded. The House passed a defense bill on Tuesday to make sure we keep our defense budget in first place worldwide in terms of total spending and 3x that of second-place China.

Also in the House, raising the debt ceiling is in play. It looks like we’re going to avoid a default just like we always do.

Lady Breastfeeds Cat on a plane. That’s it! That’s the take!

But if you don’t believe me, just read this article to see that I’m not kitten.

Oh, and the former Kansas Senator Bob Dole Died. He was 98 years old.


That’s all I have for news. A lot has happened this week, so why don’t you tell me what I’m missing. What would you like to hear more about on The Lorem Ipsum? Hit reply!

Now here’s The Gist.

Why Do We Ignore the Facts?

The Gist

Do we care about the facts and data when we make important decisions? Or are we focused on emotions only? Consider some of the topics finding their way into our national discourse. Right now, we are arguing about gun laws, healthcare, abortion, vaccines, and bodily rights. This is nothing new. It’s an ever-evolving list.

We tend to take the side of an issue based on what we are motivated to believe, rather than what the facts tell us. For example. When it comes to cats and dogs, how do we decide which pet species is better than the other and why is it dogs? Read The Article

On The Topic of Following the Facts

I posted the following thread this week (I expand on this in this week’s article). It shows how we ignore the facts, in favor of what our feelings motivate us to believe. What are your thoughts? Drop me a reply!

That’s it for this week. Now off to planning tonight’s dinner party at my house. I’ll be preparing the perfect Old Fashioned. Here’s my recipe.

Have a great weekend!