What do we do about Biden's vax mandate? And more Hot Takes!

What do we do about Biden's vax mandate? And more Hot Takes!

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Hot Takes

Week 37 of 2021

This is where I’ll give you the week’s most important news and link you to more information from a “reputable” news source. So what happened this week?

  • Vaccine mandates are still hot news. Conservatives are saying the right to make their own healthcare choices is under attack. In other news: In Texas, Liberals–especially women are saying “that makes two of us”. (more + more)
  • Speaking of not getting vaccinated, New York Hospital announced they are “pausing” baby deliveries after some have resigned over the vaccine mandate. Hospital officials are asking parents nearing their due date to “just wait”. (more)
  • The Met Gala took place on Monday featuring the latest fashion to be found at KOHLS next month. A highlight was AOC’s dress which featured her net worth (spelled “TAX THE RICH”) in graffiti lettering. (more)
  • In California, the results are in for the recall election of Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom. Republican challenger Larry Elder claimed voter fraud would be the reason the Governor would win an election for a term in office that he had already won previously. Fortunately that fraud plus real votes secured Newsom a landslide win. (More)
  • Looks like Donald Trump will be back in office soon too. It’s unclear whether this will be in 2024 or in the next couple weeks due to election fraud evidence yet to be identified. When asked about his plans, he said “I think you are going to be happy, let me put it that way.” (more)
  • This week, financial software firm Intuit announced it was buying the email marketing platform Mailchimp for 12 billion dollars. The company says the only thing it’s struggling with is how to actually log this transaction in Quickbooks without messing something up. (more)

That’s it for the news. This week my article addresses Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, and asks some tough questions. It’s one of my most read articles yet.

Here’s The Gist.

Does Biden's vaccine mandate go too far?

The Gist

Last week President Biden told us we are not free to inflict health risks on other people anymore. Vaccine and vaccine mandates have caused some division and tough questions about freedom as a result, including from Nicki Minaj yesterday. How should we address sweeping orders regarding someone’s personal health decision? Where’s my personal freedom?

Vaccine mandates and other public health things.

Currently, every state has other types of vaccine mandates in place, but many of those states and their citizens are still questioning if the Government should mandate personal healthcare decisions. Somewhere there is a line between the Government’s responsibility to protect its population (we’re not “exceptional” on the worldwide charts) and leaving their liberties intact.

The Democrats and Republicans will pick and choose where they think the Government should regulate people’s behavior and safety (while neither seems consistent with their logic). For the Libertarians, the demand is to “Live free or die” (but they tend to remain silent when they are the benefactor).

So is Biden’s move to issue vaccine mandates legally sound? Supreme Court history does seem to have a precedent.

Read the whole article here

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