Welcome to you both!

Welcome to you both!

Good morning,

I’d like to take a moment to welcome Liz Cheney as a new subscriber.

Although I guess it’s possible that “censured4good66@*****.com” could arguably be someone else’s email, but it seems pretty obvious it’s her.

I’ve been thinking about her and Adam Kinzinger this week ever since their own party decided to censure them both for investigating the Capitol Riots of January 6th, which of course are now properly titled “legitimate political discourse”. Also, we can’t call the attendees “Capitol Insurrectionists” anymore but rather “ordinary citizens”, and their military-like outfits are no longer “fatigues” but rather “sturdy pajamas that have several pockets”.

Anyway, welcome Liz and welcome all new subscribers! I wrote this article about you not long ago (referring to Liz, not the rest of you).

I hope you enjoy it!

Moving Along. So what happened this week?

Week six of 2022 may have seen events of Olympic proportions, however, the Beijing Olympics themselves were not one of them. Rumor has it Russia has more tanks and fighter jets at the Ukraine Border than there were spectators at the opening ceremony in Beijing.

Beyond the Olympics, Democrats are tossing their masks and Republicans are tossing each other. Let’s get to The News.

Hot Takes

Week 6 of 2022

Blue Face Coverings are Out. By the way, we’re not doing masks anymore. Kind of. While the Omicron wave is waving goodbye, it's waving more like Miss America on the back of a pace car in a parade. That’s fine though because most people are done with coronavirus even if it’s not done with us.

The more cautious (pronounced “democrat lead”) states are dropping mask mandates, so their kids can return to their previously scheduled programming of being kids. Some don’t agree that it’s good timing, like for example the CDC.

If you want to know who’s right in this case, the 2023 me will probably write a blog about this, but the 2022 me is in favor of looking for the ROI of masking kids and at the moment, I don’t see it (source: science).

Republican Whiplash is Wild. This week’s GOP Olympics include more childish games like “(Trump) loves me, he loves me not” followed by “red rover, red rover send Cheney right over”. The games are designed to win back the majority in the next election cycle, which might work because there is a voter base that loves games (a.k.a. insurrections).

Dean of students, Mitch McConnell responded to Party hijinks sharply with comments about January 6th being a “violent insurrection for the purpose of trying to prevent a peaceful transfer of power after a legitimately certified election from one administration to the next.“. This matches up perfectly with his acquittal of Trump following the same events. And also criticizing Trump. And also supporting Trump.

Don’t Tell Biden. Inflation is actually worse than we thought. Of course everyone buying a bag of individually wrapped cheese sticks already noticed when they got to the checkout, but CPI is inflating faster than The Lorem Ipsum’s click rates.

The 2022 Oscar Nominations are in and we’re seeing some picks breaking records for most times nominated, like Denzel Washington and Steven Spielberg. On the other hand, once again, I was snubbed for "Best Writer of a Hot Take”.

To see who wasn’t snubbed, look here.


Hyundai and Kia tell owners of nearly 500,000 vehicles to park outside due to a fire risk. But honestly, if I owned 500,000 vehicles, I think it would probably be something other than a Hyundai or Kia.

That’s it for the news this week. Now for The Gist.

Should we Take Action or Resumes?

The Gist

This week I wanted to comment on the incoming Supreme Court pick and maybe a little bit about how people are selected for their jobs.

As you likely noticed, the job market has been getting a little complicated lately. The so-called “great resignation” has been vexing employers ranging from schools to meat packing plants.

Well if you watch the news, you’ll see the NFL and the Supreme Court have their challenges too, but they’re just a little different.

What Didn’t Happen

When it comes to resumes, they are intended to show one’s qualifications. Unfortunately, they are interpreted through the lens of “survivor bias”. Resumes show us someone’s qualifications, but they also show us what didn’t happen.

How does this relate to the Supreme Court? I discuss in the article whether we should expand the field, or expand the perspective. Read on.

I hope you enjoy!

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That’s it for now. Enjoy your weekend!