The GOP Hemophobia

Republican politicians get lightheaded in the wake of the Trump indictment and arraignment.

The GOP Hemophobia

Many people get into marketing after realizing they don't like the sight of blood. That's when they drop out of med school and find something that doesn't require special licensing or a strong stomach. Don't get me wrong; marketing is still a healing profession, but not so much for the body as much as the heart. Take Coca Cola for example. Their famous 1980s ad, "Grab a Coke and a smile," lifted more hearts – if also the rate of diabetes. It's a great profession where you can make the world a better place and destroy it all at the same time.

Needless to say, we attract some rough ones in this field. I always say if you're trying to pull a marketer out of a barrel, reach down as far as you can until you find a lawyer, and then go even deeper. There you'll find some of the best writers, the most creative designers, and the most self-centered people in the world.

My industry is rife with liars, cheats, and thieve (in the industry, we call them "account executives"), but having hired hundreds of marketers over the years, I've reached down to the bottom of the barrel more than enough. I've become far more selective in my hiring in more recent years. And you should too.

But no matter how bad the world of madmen is, we could never even cast a shadow on the madness happing within the Republican Party after the indictment of their Lord of the Flies.