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Editors Note: I previously released this issue of the weekly with a full-length article in tow, but for the sake of the archives, I've separated them.

Below, you'll see the regular weekly post covering the news and a preview of the feature article.

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We have an ample release of The Lorem Ipsum here in your inbox. Today we'll be digging into a long-form article about why we don't change our minds. I encourage you to read the whole thing even if it takes all weekend.

I've had a busy week, brought on by the gift of a new weed whacker. I have been whacking like no other, and there's no question that everything that could be whacked was whacked – in a suburb like mine, I only expect the whacking to continue. After all, these weeds won't whack themselves.

For that reason, I've decided to consolidate my schedule and bend the format of The Lorem Ipsum Weekly. That makes today's issue at least four full thump swipes long. A record for the typical Friday release.

Please enjoy this full-length article, Plastic Brains...

But first, let's get to The News.

Hot Takes

Week 20 of 2023

Ceiling Squealing

There are signs of progress in the debt ceiling conversation between McCarthy and Biden, but McCarthy has stressed that the two "are very far apart," which is code for "we'll reveal a deal at the last minute." He has also told reporters that a deal could be reached “by the end of the week,” which is code for "okay, not that far apart, but seriously, the sandwiches at the Whitehouse are not great." Biden expressed on Wednesday his confidence in arriving at a deal and has said that the sandwich comment shouldn't be taken seriously. He was confident that everyone in the room consisting of majority and minority leaders in the House and Senate would not only find a way to address the debt ceiling but also lunch. One reporter quoted Biden as saying that "everyone in the room agrees we do not want egg salad sandwiches," a sandwich that is obviously code for a devastating US default on its payments. Congressional leaders and other designees will continue to work on a deal while Biden is on a diplomatic trip to Hiroshima, Japan. (more)

Hyper Sonic

Ukraine said it shot down several hypersonic missiles over Kyiv, which Russia had previously bragged were nearly unstoppable. In the Russia/Ukraine war, Russia continues to experience setbacks, just as Ukraine prepares for an additional offensive to gain new ground. After the failure of the attack, SONIC® Drive-In declined an opportunity to sponsor the missiles, saying, "Our Footlong Quarter Pound Coney Combo hot dog will always land, and the only place it gets shot down is a toilet – and only after complete customer satisfaction." Russia did not return a request for comment. (more)

Forget the Degree

As long as you're not talking about deodorant, you could be fine without it. Biden has introduced plans to try to make well paying jobs without a degree attainable by introducing Federal grants and incentives for apprenticeship programs and on the job experience. For the record, a degree is not required to work for The Lorem Ipsum (referring both to Degree deoderant and academic degrees). The catch is that in most cases, you still need to be 'Daniel Herndon,' which is considered a much bigger achievement anyway. (more)

Pence Hints

Mike Pence is setting up a super PAC, and his people have hinted at campaign plans to crawl Iowa like Reagan with a smartphone. Pence still falls behind Gov. Ron Desantis in polls, another candidate who has not officially announced a bid, but is expected to next week. And speaking of behind, Pence has yet to fully remove his lips from his former bosses. (more)

Turkey Runoff

The elections in Turkey are going for a runoff, not unlike the gravy poured over any turkey dinner in recent memory. (more)

That's it for the news.  Now, the latest Feature Article.

Plastic Brains

Feature Article

If you've ever sat around a kitchen table, you might have noticed change is hard. The old folks are stuck in their ways, and the young people know better than anyone, even if they know very little.

We are the smartest we'll ever be when we are twenty, but after forty, the envy of wisdom. In the following article, I explore why it's hard to change our minds and how doing so can help us live longer.

You can read the full article here.

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