Made From Leftovers

I'm releasing the first chapter of my book and will follow with more in the coming weeks. I explain the book in this issue of The Weekly.

Made From Leftovers

Hey friends,

Good morning to everyone except Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas. Welcome to another episode of The Weekly, your Friday inbox candy from The Lorem Ipsum.

If I look like I've dropped a few pounds, that's really just the British economy crashing, leaving the British Pound at a record low value compared to the Dollar. Thanks for noticing.

The other thing that is dropping in the next few days is the first chapter of my book Made From Leftovers.

Through the 80s and 90s, I was taken away by child protective services, faced starvation, exorcised a demon-possessed man, had to wear an eye patch, and watched a home birth nearly end in death. I also stole lots of raisins.

So I wrote some 75,000 words about it all, and I'll be releasing the first 5,500 right here, with more to follow.

Everyone will get a preview, but the full chapter will be available to paying members only. I'll tell you more about that in a minute...

But first, let's get to The News.

Hot Takes

Week 39 of 2022

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian made landfall on Wednesday, pummeling southwest Florida, and knocking out power for millions. In Tampa Bay, cycling winds have sucked waters away from the shore, uncovering areas normally underwater. Needless to say, locals observing the phenomenon were blown away. The hurricane plowed across every midwesterner's spring breaks spanning Tampa, Miami, and Orlando, and returned to hurricane strength by Thursday afternoon as it entered waters on the eastern side of the state.

The impact of the storm is so great, even Governor Ron Desantis took on a serious tone, as he spoke of the rescue efforts for those stranded on Sanibel Island after the bridge to the mainland was destroyed. Ocean waters have overwhelmed Orlando and areas on the south with flooding, perhaps the only time we'll see the red state turn this blue. President Biden described early reports of what might be substantial loss of life as rescue workers work non- stop rescuing hundreds trapped flooding.

Ian is projected to hit Charleston today by 2:00 in the afternoon, and could possibly strengthen once again before it make landfall.

This is Not Coolio

Today, I am sad to say one, two, three, fo, – Rest in peace, Coolio. He was 59, ever would he live to see 64? Well, the way things is going, I'd say no. Coolio, also named Artis Leon Ivey Jr. was at a friends house on Wednesday, when he was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor. Coolio was known for the ways his unique sound shaped rap music in the 90s, with songs like Gangstas Paradise, featured in the movie Dangerous Minds. (more)

Isn't it Iran-ic?

Iran has been oppressing women for a long time, but things have gotten worse when the Morality Police (a real thing) arrested Mahsa Amini (22) accusing her of wearing her hijab wrong. She later died in custody. Across the country protests have erupted, largely consisting of Women who say "we have nothing to lose" – except their headdress of course, as many have ripped their oppressive gear off, to give the authorities a piece of their no-longer-covered minds. (more)

We Should Probably Get Three Quotes

Since we found out this week that Biden's student loan forgiveness is likely going to cost us about $420 billion, we're in a better position to plan for other future expenses, like possibly the costs of avoiding a government shutdown (already spent). At least one guy is bothered enough by the legislation to file a lawsuit, since it will cost him about $1,000 in taxes to have the debt taken away. Frank, the plaintiff is an Indiana Attorney who took a job with The Pacific Legal Foundation to file the suit. (more)

Vote 4 Pedro

The other day, Russian soldiers in ski masks administered a referendum in Ukraine. When Summer Wheatly, in the movie Napolean Dynamite, said in her campaign speech "Do you really want to eat chimichangas for lunch every day?", I was today years old when I picked up on that as an intentionally racist remark. I guess I'm always growing and learning. The Russian leadership on the other hand is not. Putin has initiated plans to annex the region, despite not controlling the land. (more)

Russia is Getting Snowden

And I'm not talking about the weather. Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor turned bean spiller sought asylum in Russia back in 2013 to avoid prosecution by the US for leaking highly classified information. Honestly, he has leaked so much explosive information, he is basically the Nord Stream pipeline of computer nerds. Well, this week he was granted Russian citizenship. Hopefully, soon he will be conscripted into their army because everyone else is trying to dodge the draft. (more)

That's it for the news. Now here's The Gist.

Long Reads

The Gist

In this most recent article, I explain how drinking makes you more productive, but after more than a couple shots, I devolve to a list of Trump's legal battles and how he is one yellow clown hair away from being our next president. A big university agrees; people will believe whatever you tell them.

Read the article here:
Maybe You Should Have a Drink
This little-known fact will change your creative process forever. A closer look at data proves... basically whatever I want it to.
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A Special Release

Made From Leftovers

When people ask you where you grew up, they are usually just making conversation to identify ways to relate or determine if they are better than you. For me, those conversations usually end with someone feeling stressed, telling me "you should write a book" after which they quickly light a cigarette. I've ignored these suggestions for the most part, but eventually, enough people wore me down. I started writing my personal memoir a few years ago. I've completed nearly all of the book, but I've put it on hold to prepare for proper publishing support.

This week, I'm releasing the first chapter, with more to follow.

Growing up in a very poor family with 12 children, I lived on a steady diet of sarcasm and meals consisting largely of leftovers. Lucky breaks and a sense of humor have helped me to overcome my lack of basic education and become a successful entrepreneur. I've examined poverty through the lens of my experience and studied the topic extensively.

In Made From Leftovers, I'll tell you why I never finished high school, what it's like to carry a plastic sheet filled with blood out to a dumpster, and how disappointing it is to eat two wedges of raw cabbage for lunch on a field trip as a teenager.

I'll also explore the impact of poverty, and why it should matter to the rest of us.

Reply here to let me know you're looking for it.

Until then, thanks for reading this week's issue. Have a great weekend!

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