Is this Propaganda?

Is this Propaganda?

Hey Friends,

Do you think this email is propaganda? I mean let’s think about it.

  • I’ve pushed influential content on you to normalize driving gloves.
  • I’ve provided deceptive information like when I explained how I killed Betty White.
  • I’ve even pushed a biased narrative about which is better between cats and dogs.

It sounds like propaganda to me.

Even Ted Cruz explained that Big Bird has turned into a yellow propaganda puppet, by promoting vaccines to kids. I mentioned it in the newsletter and wrote a whole article about it.

Well, I think it’s time for The Lorem Ipsum to do some self-reflection. I’ll get to that in a second.

But first The News.

In week 12, we’ve seen some action on the streets. First of all, we’ve seen countless potholes fixed due to my exposé on who to blame for them. Only to be replaced by shootings.

We’ve also seen the opposite in Ukraine, as Russia has used hypersonic missiles leaving craters we wouldn’t drive a jeep over.

Here’s this week’s news.

Hot Takes

Week 12 of 2022

First, a quick rundown of the war in Ukraine.

While Putin’s army has used over 1200 missiles on Ukraine, the Ukrainians have still put a dent in Russia’s army. Russian media published but then deleted a report disclosing staggering losses of nearly 10,000 Russian troops dead and thousands more injured.

High profile Russian journalists are quitting their jobs, protesting the invasion and the falsehoods the news is required to report.

Biden has traveled to Europe to rally NATO leaders while pushing to remove Russia from the G20 global economic counsel.

Amidst the smoke, here’s what has happened this week.

Catching Ketanji. The Senate has been probing Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson at her confirmation hearing this week. The event was able to double as a mid term campaign speech for Republicans who painted her as a CRT zealot who is soft on child abuse crimes. Other substantive questions were on how religious she was on a scale from 1 to 10 and if she thought babies were racist. Ketanji said “no” by the way and declined to pick a number.

The Senate floor is not the only place of violence this week. We’ve also seen mass shootings across the country this week including one of the largest shootings in recent months in Dumas, AR.

To address this rising problem, at least seven states have introduced or passed “constitutional carry” bills removing permit requirements for carrying a gun, including laws passed in Ohio and Indiana.

Here’s the data on the subject they didn’t read.

Madeleine Albright, the first Woman in Government to use the word “cojones” in an official capacity (it’s Spanish for testicles) has died at 84. She was also the first woman to serve as US Secretary of State, having served in Bill Clinton’s administration.

James Bond is a Prime Member. Amazon just made a one-click order for 8.5 billion to purchase MGM, the studio that produces the 007 franchise. Along with free shipping on all those fancy spy tools, Bond will be able to schedule an automatically recurring order of martini olives.

Finally, someone who will fire Vladimir. Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams hinted of a bid to run for President of Earth by making a cameo appearance as such in Star Trek Discovery. Currently, the polls in Georgia show Stacey in a dead heat with her opponent David Perdue.

Quickly, Some Other News:

  • In China a commercial plane took a near vertical nose dive with 132 passengers on board.
  • The E.U. is moving to regulate tech in an effort to create room for more competition.
  • New Orleans was just blasted by tornados on Tuesday while they still work to recover from Hurricanes last year.

Do we cross the line?

The Gist

I’ve been thinking of the topic of propaganda lately. When do news, marketing, and commentary cross the line? When does it become something insidious, like what we imagine when we think of propaganda?

Does the Lorem Ipsum cross the line? Let’s take a look. Read the article.

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this newsletter, please know that I made zero dollars and zero cents in making it.

Have a great weekend!

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