I'm passing out Halloween candy (to you).

While I never celebrated Halloween as a kid, I explain why I always will from here on out.

I'm passing out Halloween candy (to you).

Hey Friends,

It’s Halloween, and I’m passing out candy.

This is a milestone week with issue #10 of The Lorem Ipsum weekly! To celebrate the Decennial of The Lorem Ipsum, I’m going to send 10 of you my favorite gummy bears from Albanese Candy (They are amazing. You can tell).

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Speaking of Trick or Treating. Did you know I’ve never been trick or treating in my entire life? This week’s article is very personal. First, let’s get to the news.

What happened this week? It’s been a very spooky week👻 . Facebook is haunted by Frances Haugen, A couple senators have spooked the Biden Agenda and Democrats are talking about taxing phantom earnings.

Here’s The News

Hot (scary) Takes

Week 43 of 2021

Tax Bills for Billionaires. If you are rich, you could be paying taxes soon. Obviously it sucks, but don’t worry. Members of congress with billionaire campaign donors likely won’t vote to support the bill, or in Kyrsten Sinema’s case, won’t do anything else either.

When asked to quote on the billionaire tax, #2 billionaire Jeff Bezos said this: “🦗 🦗 🦗”.

Speaking of Billionaires. Elon Musk, has become the #1 richest person on earth (and as far as we know, in space). On last look he was worth 282 billion which is 276 billion more than fictional billionaire Bruce Wayne and 272 billion more than Daddy Warbucks. Elon’s reaction: “Wild $T1mes!”

BONUS: Here’s more about the debate on taxing billionaires.

Now More Savings! Biden just announced a new spending plan half the size of his most recent 3.5 trillion dollar plan. It includes, uhhh, you know, the thing. Actually, you can find out what it includes without the Biden grandpa brain fart right here.

Mikey Likes Getting Vaxed. Now, our little lab rats are ready to get their shots too! One FDA official said we’ll learn how safe it is after we start giving it to our kids. Cross your fingers!

Choosey Mom’s Choose mRNA. Parents are also participating by getting boosters (shots, not seats), and they can mix & match if they want to make it interesting. The FDA and CDC have provided scientific peer reviewed guidance regarding boosters by saying “hey, do whatever you want! :)”

A Twitter friend, April says this:

About Facebook. According to the news, Facebook is in crisis 🤬 🔥, but earnings calls said Facebook is doing great 📈 💰, showing an increase of 19% over last year. The now-famous whistle-blower Frances Haugen has been on tour to testify to various governments about the recently renamed company prioritizing profit like literally all other corporations.

Frances, can you say “book deal!!”?

I've never been trick or treating

The Gist

Until recent years, I haven’t participated in Halloween festivities. This latest article is a personal story and contains excerpts from my book, MADE FROM LEFTOVERS which is being shopped for publishing.

While I never celebrated Halloween as a kid, I explain why I always will from here on out. Read the article.

That’s a wrap for week 43. Have a Happy Halloween!