I miss spelling

I miss spelling

Hey Friends,

Good morning and welcome to a really great email if you like to find typos like Easter eggs. Sometimes they are obvious. Sometimes they are buried in the weeds. Regardless, they are always a treat.

Except to me.

I lose sleep when I discover I left behind a typo.

For every mistyped or omitted word, I lose one hour of sleep. An extra space may only cause a sudden hypnagogic jerk, but a stray letter will give me the night sweats.

It‘s the constant edits right up to the last minute that causes this problem. You deserve up to date news and I have counted the cost of delivering it. And sometimes there are casualties.

In this next phase of the newsletter, I will do my best to be more focused, and hopefully minimize solecisms and slip ups.

Some could blame my blights on my lack of education, but I disagree. I learn more from doing than from lectures or reading instructions.

I’ll talk more about that in a second, but first The News.

Hot Takes

Week 16 of 2022

CDC mask mandates are no longer in effect on airline flights after a federal judge ruled the measure was unconstitutional. When asked, President Biden said people should decide for themselves whether or not they wear a mask on a plane, but his justice department is currently appealing to reinstate the mandate.

The response from the left: “How do we protect ourselves if the vaccines, boosters, treatment options and decreasing case loads doesn’t work?”

Response from the right: [clears throat]

More Aid. The US is sending more weapons to Ukraine. Biden announced yesterday his plan to send $500 million for government operations and $800 million in military aid.

Around the same time, Putin made his own big reveal by showing the world his rocket which is nicknamed lil’ “Satan” (I added the lil’ part).

And some Russian soldiers are being accused of, among other atrocities, stealing a man’s AirPods.

A Hostile Takeover. Elon Musk is aiming for Twitter, suggesting he may buy out the company, and take control. After submitting an offer filed with the SEC, Musk presented his plan and potential changes.

Known for his big, world changing innovations, Musk’s ideas for Twitter include bringing tweeting to offline life. This includes requiring people to communicate in shorter sentences all at the same time, but directing their communications to no one in particular. Similar to Twitter online, there will be no edit button to real life.

The Gospel According to Ron. Governor Desantis says 54 Math books contained Critical Race Theory amongst a list of books to review for banning.

Proponents say the decision to ban access to information is [quote] not like communism.

When asked to explain how he has determined CRT is found in a math book, a spokesperson for the administration said “We just know.”

Also, Ron D. is trying to attack the Big D - Disney, by threatening to unravel the Disney only tax district formed in 1967. It seems Ron is retaliating for their opposition to his “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Disney has not commented on this development yet, but history tells us, The Mouse get’s the cheese.

We interrupt this informative email to talk about how Netflix considering adding commercials to their platform. The warning came after the streaming service disclosed a loss of 200,000 subscribers, partly due to pulling out of Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine, but also due to you people who share your login with your friends.

To improve revenues, Netflix is also expected to consider things like having better shows.


  • Bill Murray was accused of sexual assault, halting production of Aziz Ansari’s directorial debut project. The investigation is ongoing but don’t make a Groundhog day joke here.
  • Mike Tyson was filmed beating up a guy on a plane, but the guy had it coming. You should have seen Mike’s hand though.
  • Mortgage rates just hit a 10 year high, averaging 5.11%, more than 2 points above this time last year, so homeowners, you might want to stay put.

That’s it for the news this week. Now here’s The Gist.

Never Read the Instructions

The Gist

Grill Buying Season is Coming

Two seasons ago, I purchased one that sang to me from its perch in the store. The note that caught my attention the most was the price. The big box store I bought it from was able to provide a very affordable price for an attractive yard appliance. In addition to using sheet metal that wouldn’t stop a bullet if you gently tossed it toward the hood, one way the manufacturer is able to keep the price down is by shipping the product completely unassembled.

Is Acquiring a Degree Learning?

When engage directly with a problem, you have the opportunity to see details, notice patterns, Imagine solutions and explore them until an aha moment is reached. But what about our approach education?

Do we have classrooms backwards? Read the article.

The End

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