I feel attacked.

I feel attacked.

Hey Friends,

Good morning. The Lorem Ipsum is already being used against me. Just this week, I was pressured to try things I was normally uncomfortable or uninterested in. Like exercise for example. Why would I practice lifting something while I am laying down? I may never do that in real life. And why would I run on a treadmill when I can run to get the mail?*

Well… A “friend” pressured me to ride on a Peloton by using my own words in last week's article against me. An article about being willing to accept other perspectives.

It didn’t go well because I am out of shape and at the time also mildly inebriated.

Needless to say, I’ll never work out again.

[*Footnote: I also never get the mail.]

Enough about personal attacks against me.

Let’s get to The News.

What happened this week?

Well, Omicron has been infecting basically everyone, packing understaffed hospitals. Studies show most hospitalizations are people who have done their own research.

Unrelated, in my regular poker game this past Sunday, multiple hands were won by players getting a full house (what’s poker?). Everyone at the table was perplexed.

Suddenly, my wife rushes into the room to inform us that Bob Saget, famous for the comedy show Full House had died – the only thing that could have explained the strange luck. Here’s more about Bob’s death.

Let’s see what else happened this week.

Hot Takes

Week 2 of 2022

Climate Change is expensive like the liberal agenda. I’m talking about the one that flirts with socialism and saddles our grandchildren with debt. Well 2021 had 20 weather events that cost over 1 billion dollars. Here’s a story explaining that, and here’s another one I wrote back in October.

Voting rights/fraud. Depending on what side you are on, you describe voter policies differently. Georgia lawmakers passed a bill saying voters should have less time and fewer locations to vote. President Joe Biden thinks that in a democracy, we should remove barriers so everyone can vote.

Death to Dollar Stores. The cost of goods and services is swelling like my hands are from typing yet another Take. We’re looking at increases of 7% in December. As a result, the ‘80s called saying they wanted their inflation rates back.

Tragic Winter Fires. Early this week, an apartment fire in the Bronx, New York, sparked by a space heater, killed 17 people. Last week a similar fire in Philadelphia killed 12 including children.Just a few weeks prior, Taco Bell announced it was experiencing shortages of its popular “fire sauce”. Coincidence?

Two Quick Ones

  • Vaccine mandates were shot down by the supreme court.
  • 1-six-commish indicted the Oath Keepers and leader Stewart Rhodes.

That’s it for the news. Here’s The Gist

Death by Herd Mentality

The Gist

Sometimes celebrities can sell you expensive bourbon at a premium price that’s really not that good. Similarly, swindlers can sell an emperor imaginary clothes, and everyone is afraid to point it out for fear of getting unfriended. Well Liz Cheney doesn’t do that.

The Emperors New Bourbon

Herd Mentality leads to death, not to mention the plight of paying a lot for bourbon that doesn’t live up to it’s hype. Liz has pushed against that. So I’d like to do a bourbon tasting with her. Read the whole article.

An Anonymous Tip

This is the best text I received this week. What was yours? Reply to send me a screenshot and I might include an anonymous version of it in a future issue.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend!

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